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Jan 19, 2011 4:08 PM

9-year-old makes touching $2.85 donation to Giffords

TUCSON - It may not be the largest donation to Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, but it's probably the most touching - $2.85, that's what an elementary school student gave to the congresswoman.

"It felt good that they are pleased with what I did," says 9-year-old Isaac Saldana from Craycroft Elementary.

They were more than please - it touched their hearts. Giffords' husband Mark Kelly describes the moment.

"I showed it to Gabby and in the back was his lunch money - $2.85. We're going to get him his lunch money back."

But it wasn't his lunch money - Saldana raised every bit of that $2.85 himself, so he could give it to Giffords.

"I felt really bad for her, so I started grabbing little toys and putting them in my backpack and selling them at school so I could raise money and put them in the card," Saldana says.

Isaac's mother says her son has always been generous, but not like this.

"That's what blew me out of the water - is, he went out of his way, he has a pretty good heart," she says.

Saldana originally got in trouble when his school found him selling toys to other students. School leaders made an exception in this case.


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