May 18, 2012 11:47 AM

5 most dangerous intersections in Tucson

TUCSON - Many of us take to the streets on a daily basis to get to work, drop kids at school or just get from place to place. When heading out rarely do we consider the safety of our route.

You never know when an accident can happen, but you may be more at risk in some areas across town. Here we have a look at the five most dangerous intersections in the city of Tucson, based mainly on volume.

Cars, lights, pedestrians, signs, these are things you'll see at an intersection. What may not be so obvious, the danger you face when entering it.

Speedway Boulevard and Campbell Avenue, is a heavy traffic spot.

"U of A. It's a destination point for a lot of students, as well as people visiting the area," says the City of Tucson Public Information Officer, Mike Graham.

This intersection along with Broadway and Kolb Road have the heaviest volumes at about 47,000 vehicles a day.

"There's been a few accidents, a couple bad ones," says Kyle Cordasco, who crosses this intersection every day. "I kind of get a little nervous when I walk up to the light because there's been so many accidents here. It's just kind of a little scary."

Four of the five intersections are along Kolb. The next is at Grant Road and Tanque Verde where 46,000 vehicles will pass through.

"It's our worst air quality intersection within the city of Tucson," says Graham.

The city hopes to remedy this eventually by extending Sabino Canyon south to tie into Kolb, reducing the amount of vehicles funneling through.

Moving further south on Kolb to 22nd street is another spot well-traveled at 45,000 vehicles a day.

And lastly, Golf Links and Kolb sees 44,000. A left turn lane was added here recently and the city has debated retiming many of these intersections to allow more "green time," but that takes away from the time pedestrians have to cross.

"There's a balancing act that takes place with motorists and pedestrians and how we time the traffic signals."

The good news is there's funding available to fix these issues because voters approved the Regional Transportation Authority in 2006.

"Funding plays a role in that also, you know we need the funds to be able to make those intersection improvements."

The city of Tucson says you can also help make a difference in these numbers by using public transportation, car pooling and of course riding a bike or walking.


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