Aug 28, 2014 6:38 PM by Lauren Reimer

240 UA freshmen living in study spaces, with RAs due to large enrollment numbers

TUCSON - More in demand than parking on campus, is dorm rooms. With 600 more freshmen this fall semester than last, some students are having to stay in temporary spaces.

"Right now we're in a study room and there's about five of us living in it with temporary closet space and temporary drawers," said freshmen Garrett Kay.

While not ideal, Kay is making the most of their living arrangement.

"We just leave the door open and people just wander in and it's a great way to meet new people," he said.

About 7,000 students are living on campus, but that number is simply an estimate.

"We think about 73 to 75 people just didn't show up," explained Jennifer Hiatt, Residence Life Executive Director.

And twice that many are expected to move out within the first few days of school.

Until that happens, 240 students are left to sleep in study spaces, or bunk with a Resident Assistant.

The residence life office said this overbooking is intentional. Better to squeeze them in, than kick them out.

"We know that students who live on campus have a ten percent better chance of actually matriculating through the institution," said Hiatt.

But the temporary stay is not without its inconveniences.

"I just moved in, like packed in all my stuff and now I have to repack it and take it somewhere else," said freshmen Riley Myles, who is one of about 70 students living with an R.A.

The Residence Life office said most of the students living with R.A.s will be moved into their own rooms this weekend, the rest will follow in the next week or so.


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