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Jan 4, 2011 5:15 PM

2010 sees rise in Tucson homicides, bank robberies, domestic violence

TUCSON - Crime statistics over the last three years show a few consistent trends: Convenience store robberies, car thefts, arsons, and dog bites are on the decline - however, domestic violence reports, homicides and bank robberies have increased between 2009 and 2010.

According to statistics available on Tucson Police's website, there were 64 reported homicides in 2008, 32 in 2009, and last year, there were 54.

One of the crimes that has seen a marked decline is motor vehicle thefts: 5687 reported in 2008, 3556 reported in 2009, and 3400 last year. Convenience stores have also seen fewer reported robberies over the years: 141 in 2008, 124 in 2009 and 121 in 2010.

Reported arsons have been on the decline, as well. Between all classifications of arson (residential, business, other structure, vehicle, or other), there were 301 in 2008, 215 in 2009, and just 147 in 2010. Reported dog bites have seen a slight decline over the years, from 116 in 2008 to 102 in 2010.

Calls for Aggravated Assault/Domestic Violence went from 248 in 2009 to 335 in 2010. Bank Robberies almost doubled, from 27 to 42.

Note that these statistics represent only calls received and reports made by the Tucson Police Department in the Tucson/Metro area.

Click here to browse TPD's stats, including a Crime map and the ability to search for specific crimes and specific areas.


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