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Nov 3, 2011 11:41 AM

2 Wheelin' with a spin

TUCSON - He may not be your average 2 wheeler, but Theron Hallock definitely uses his wheels to get around! The Green Valley resident, who is a World War 2 Veteran, has become an inspiration to many.

Ten years ago Hallock was diagnosed with an arteriovenous malformation, which was restricting blood flow to his spine.

"All of a sudden I began to stumble and fall."

It took numerous doctors and procedures to find the malformation.

In the process, his spine was permanently damaged, and he was left wheelchair bound.

As a Veteran, Hallock took advantage of the Southern Arizona VA Health Care System.

There, he met Karen Gialle, who runs the spinal cord injury clinic.

Thanks to her dedication and love, Hallock began using his 2 wheels for more than just transportation.

He joined the Paralyzed Veterans of Amerca's, National Veterans Wheelchair Games.

"Although they go only once a year, they are training and preparing and thinking about it the rest of the year, which brings them a lot of excitement and joy," Gialle said.

As the trainer for the Arizona Group, Gialle has seen first hand how the competitions can transform the Veterans lives. She says the friendships they make, the muscles they build, and the stress it helps relieve is priceless.

"You can try out for 5 events at the game and Theron signs up for 5 religiously, and he enjoys every bit of it and he's an absolute inspiration," she continued.

Not only does Theron enjoy the sports, he's won many awards. This year he took home the bronze medal for his power chair relay skills.

He now wants to inspire others, and share his message.

"The main thing is to get more Veterans to realize that there is life after injury," he said.

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