2 Wheelin in Tucson

Dec 1, 2011 11:47 AM

2 Wheelin' in Tucson: Riding for a wish

TUCSON - 23 year old Justin Mauser, recently graduated from the University of Arizona. He's currently applying to medical school, but took a detour to cycle across the Country. His goal was to 2 wheel from Maine to Tucson, which he accomplished in 66 days.

While showing me photos of his journey, he said there were times he felt a bit overwhelmed.

"Going through Kansas was definitely the most challenging because I had cross winds and it was flat so you start to feel like you're on a treadmill, but eventually you see mountains so it's really motivational to see those mountains."

For the trip, Mauser packed some dry food, a sleeping bag, a traveling stove, and his computer. He blogged the entire time, and gained quite a following. Some of the people who took him in, were actually fans of his blog.

The purpose of his trip was twofold. He wanted to challenge himself, but he also wanted to raise money for the Arizona Make a Wish Foundation.

"It's palpable how they help kids. I really wanted to help them out and at least grant one wish," he continued.

Hoping to raise $4,000 to help grant a child's wish, he set up a donation page on his website. Half way though his trek, he discovered he had already exceed his goal.

Ashley Post, with the Make a Wish Foundation, says his money is greatly appreciated.

"We hope to grant 300 wishes in the state of Arizona,and the average cost of a wish is $7500. We have kids who are excited and ready to get their wishes granted and his money is definitely going to help," Post said.

For more information on Justin Mauser and his journey, check out his blog at: http://wishfromcoasttocoast.blogspot.com/


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