2 Wheelin in Tucson

Feb 9, 2012 9:22 AM

2 Wheelin' in Tucson: one local neighborhood gets moving

TUCSON - Pima Association of Governments, and the City of Tucson, are conducting a pilot program called Keeling on the Move. The goal is to target the Keeling neighborhood, and get more of the residents using their bike, sneakers, or mass transportation.

Ruth Reiman, from the Pima Association of Governments, has been helping organize the program. She says it's based on similar programs used in Portland, Oregon.

"A lot of what we're trying to do is improve education and awareness of what's available," she said.

Such as the new 4th Avenue/ Fontana Avenue bike boulevard, which runs through the neighborhood.

Leslie Carlson, an avid cyclist and Keeling resident, says the program is a step in the right direction.

"As my neighborhood gets more involved with bicycling, I think it will demonstrate that lots of neighborhoods can do that," she said.

The 4 month program includes free bike education classes, guided bike rides to Cyclovia, bike to work events, and a neighborhood block party this Saturday.

"We'll have events and activities for kids. We'll have free food, we're giving away our gift bag for people who register for the program," Reiman continued.

Jane Evans, who has owned "Plants for the Southwest" for 25 years, lives and works in the neighborhood. She registered for the program, and is excited to get her wheels turning.

"One of the things I'm anxious to learn is how you put your bike on the bus. I've always been intimidated by that big bike rack," she said.

For information on Keeling on the Move, and this weekend's block party, check out http://www.keelingonthemove.com/


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