Oct 13, 2011 10:40 AM

2 Wheelin' in Tucson: Local Businesses Help Tucson Become More Bicycle Friendly

TUCSON - The League of American Bicyclists rank cities and schools on how bicycle friendly they are. Most recently, they've started ranking businesses as well.
This past year 111 new businesses made the cut, and The Law Offices of Eric Post, right here in Tucson, was one of them.

Eric Post believes his office is more productive because he encourages his staff to bike to and from work.

"I think the workplace is a sharper, snappier place mentally when people have their blood flowing and they're thinking about what they're doing. And you can't do that sitting in a car seat," he said,

But not only does Eric stress the importance of riding, he allows his employees to park their bicycles inside, take time to wash off before work, and even supplies them with a work bike to use if needed.

"Sometimes it's faster to ride the bike to the court house because we don't have to find a parking spot," he continued.

When his office received the League of American Bicyclists silver status ranking, they were all extremely pleased. Martha Lemen, who works with Eric, says there's an additional benefit she enjoys.

"A couple mornings a week I like to go on a bike ride and I have a flexible schedule to accommodate that."

TriSports.com also holds the silver status ranking, and they were actually the very first business in all of Arizona to receive it.

Debbie Claggett, the Vice President of the company, says many of their employees use their 2 wheels daily.

"Probably about 80% of our employees ride to work."

So to make riding more convenient, they installed lockers, indoor bike parking, and even showers.

"Not everybody has a large desk space so it gives them a place to put their stuff," Claggett continued.

The company also has a bike demo program, which allows employees to rent a bike from TriSports.com for an entire year once they reach the requirements.

Additionally, there's an incentive program to get everyone moving.

"We also have the commuter program where employees are reimbursed 10 cents a mile for riding to work," said Seton Claggett, the CEO of TriSports.com

For more information check out these links:
TriSports.com: http://trisports.com/

The Law Offices of Eric Post:http://www.bicycleattorney.com/Arizona_bicycle_accident_attorney.html

The League of American Bicyclists Business Friendly List:


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