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Oct 27, 2011 10:48 AM

2 Wheelin' in Tucson: How your 2 wheels can help local 4 legged friends

TUCSON - TUCSON - El Tour de Tucson is only a few weeks away, and if you're still thinking about joining the ride, there are many wonderful organizations you can help raise money for.

One of them is the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, which has been an El Tour beneficiary for the past 3 years.

Beau Wilcox, a local cyclist and father, participated in the Humane Society's
"Ride for the Animals" last year, and is doing it again this year.

"I think initially it was because of my Godmother. She passed away two years ago, but she was a very big supporter of the animal shelters in her area. When I saw the opportunity to sponsor an organization with my ride, I chose the Humane Society of Southern Arizona," he said.

Beau's, 9 year old, son Caleb will participate in El Tour for the first time this year, and Beau left it up to him to decide which organization they wanted to contribute to.
Like his dad, Caleb has a soft spot for his 4 legged friends, and chose the Humane Society.

"I wanted to help the animals here because they mostly don't have a home and I think the Humane Society does a great job making them have a home," Caleb said.

Sara Gromley, with the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, says the money they've received over the past few years from El Tour, has been extremely helpful. It helps cover medical costs and public outreach programs.

Gromley says the shelter takes in, and cares for, about 10,000 animals every year, which means every cent makes a difference.

"Every little bit helps with an animal shelter. We're so happy that we've gotten almost 25 thousand in the past few years, so we're hoping we can raise even more. It goes such a long way helping little guys like these."

In order for the Humane Society to receive the contributions, you must go to their site and fill out a registration form. If you're interested, please head to:


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