2 Wheelin in Tucson

Jan 12, 2012 10:08 AM

2 Wheelin' in Tucson: Bike lanes headed to Green Valley

TUCSON - Esperanza Boulevard is one of the oldest streets in Green Valley and it poses a problem for cyclists.

To help, The Santa Cruz Bicycle Advocate Committee has been applying for a grant that will allow them to make safety improvements.

Jim Jordan, the commitee's co-chair, says they've finally received the news they've been waiting for.

"This is really going to put a bow on the package here in Green Valley."

The money they're receiving will allow Green Valley to apply bike lanes on the Boulevard from Abrego to La Canada. A stretch of road that runs underneath Interstate 19.

"Green Valley is divided in half by I-19 so people from one side have to get to the other half and vice versa," Jordan continued.

Bill Adamson, a Green Valley resident and cyclist, says the lanes will make a big difference.

"There's a lot of traffic here and a lot of traffic changing lanes so you really have to be careful," he said.

To build the lanes, crews will reduce the motorist lane by one foot, and reduce the center median.

Chuck Hill, who is also part of the Committee, says drivers won't notice the one foot difference.

As of now, the project is still in the design phase and doesn't have an official start date. The Committee hopes it will be complete within the next couple of years.

For more information on the Santa Cruz Bicycle Advocate Committee, check out http://scvbac.org/


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