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Sep 15, 2011 11:15 AM

2 Wheelin' in Tucson: Andy Clarke heads back to Tucson for an exciting new event

TUCSON - Tucson is currently ranked "gold" when it comes to being bicycle friendly. The goal is to reach "platinum."

To help us get there, Andy Clarke, the League of American Bicyclists President, is coming to Tucson tomorrow to kick start a national movement called Action 2020.

Emily Yetman, founder of the local cycling advocacy group called Living Streets Alliance, is co hosting the event.

For her, being one of only 5 groups awarded this opportunity is very exciting.

"This is really big for us. We're thrilled," she said.

The focus of the workshop will revolve around funding. How to get it, how to use it, and who to get it from.

"As just a citizen and layperson, I know there are opportunities for getting funding for projects, but I don't really know how that works, or the red tape that's involved," Yetman continued.

Clarke, who will be accompanied by other cycling experts, says the goal of the workshop is to help educate our local advocates and representatives.

"We have a unique combination of people participating in the workshop. Our hope is that they together will figure out how to access these funds. They'll put together a game plan. They'll figure out who the key people are they need to go to, and talk to, to understand the process," he said.

The Action 2020 workshops will be held all over the Country, but Tucson is their inaguaral location. Clarke says the reason for that is becuase Tucson has such great potential.

Pima Association of Governments, also known as PAG, is s co-hosting the event. Ann Chenecka, PAG's Senior Transportation Planner, says she's looking forward to Friday's workshop.

"Transportation planning and funding can be really confusing, so we see it as an opportunity for the citizens to understand the process better, and also for the jurisdictions to understand how some sources can be used for bicycle and pedestrian projects."

For more information on the Action 2020 workshop, and Living Streets Alliance, head to

For more information on Pima Association of Governments, check out


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