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Mar 22, 2012 12:30 PM

2 Wheelin' in Tucson: A new website takes a deeper look at cycling safety

TUCSON - Collin Forbes is a bicycle rider and a computer programmer. He's also a member of the Bicycle Advisory Committee.
After hearing numerous stories about cyclists getting into accidents, he started doing some research.

"I've been a bike commuter for 8 years and I always say we have such great facilities. Well this is my way of providing back a facility," he said.

His facility? A website called It analyzes the City and County's bicycle crash statistics.
For Forbes, it was a labour of love.

"To do this was me getting used to doing more of the html stuff for the websites. And a pet project."

The site is completely free to use, and breaks down everything you need to know about cycling. One of the biggest things Forbes discovered, while combing through five years of police reports, is that the most dangerous thing a cyclist can do is ride the wrong way on the sidewalk.

He also found out that the 2 intersections that see the most bicycle accidents are Grant and Mountain and Grant and Alvernon.

He was also able to look at crash statistics over the last few years, to determine if there are any trends.

"They look more or less the same from year to year so it's disappointing that it hasn't gotten better. But I'm also told that our ridership is increasing, so holding steady against the increased ridership is a good thing," he continued.

Additionally, Forbes has broken down the data into months, days of the week, and even hours.

"The fall and the spring seem to be the biggest times for commuting because it's really really nice out there."

So his best tips for 2 wheelers?

"Stay off the sidewalk. Be alert. And assume you're invisible."

For more information on all the statistics, check out


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