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Nov 10, 2011 10:14 AM

2 Wheelin' in Tucson: A Global Adventure

TUCSON - 24 year old, Jacob Siegel Boettner, was literally born to ride. His parents wheeled him home from the hospital in a bicycle trailer. Growing up, cycling was a way of life.

"I spent a semester in Rwanda working for a development project and it was a big game changer because it made me realize how powerful the bike could be for people who didn't get it under the Christmas tree growing up."

Jacob and his brother Isaac wanted to share the inspiring stories they saw. They set out on an adventure to create a documentary called "With My Own Two Wheels."

The movie captures stories like Fred's, a caregiver in Zambia who had to walk 15-20 kilometers by foot to visit each of his patients. The trips were long, draining, and difficult. Once Fred received a bike, his life was transformed, and his entire community benefited.

Then there is Sharkey, a young guy who grew up in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. While many people call it paradise, Sharkey got caught up with a rough crowd. Landing a job working with bikes was his way to escape gang life and the streets.

"One of the most inspiring stories we had a chance to film was the story of Bharati, who is a 14 year old girl in India," Jacob said.

According to Jacob, almost 50% of girls in India don't get the chance to attend high school because it's too far to walk to. Bharati received a bike from an organization called Ashta No Kai, and now wants to study politics and rid her Country of poverty.

"This 14 year old girl wanting to bring fundamental change in her community because she got a bike and was able to go to high school. It was a pretty incredible thing to see," Jacob continued.

Local cyclists Steve Morganstern and Damion Alexander, who publishes the "Tucson Pedaler," knew they had to bring it to Tucson.

"It is an overpowering movie. It is absolutely astonishing what a bike can do," Alexander said.

The film screening will be held at the Fox Theatre on November 16th at 7 p.m..

There will be a silent auction, valet bike parking, a Velociprints art show, and a book signing by local artist Stefan Walz and Chris Mooney.

The proceeds will benefit BICAS and the World Bicycle Relief Organization, which donates bicycles to third world countries.

For more information on "With My Own Two Wheels" go to :

For more information on the screening at the Fox Theatre, go to:


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