Jun 16, 2014 10:33 PM by Marissa Esquivel

2 hikers rescued at Catalina State Park

CATALINA - Two young hikers lost the trail and had to call 911 after they ended up in Romero Canyon.

On Monday at around 12:35 p.m. Sheriff's responded to a rescue at Catalina State Park.

According to the Search and Rescue Unit a 19-year-old man and a 17-year-old woman began hiking to Romero Pools around 6 a.m. and as they were hiking they lost the trail and wound up in Romero Canyon.

The man called 911 and reported they were on a cliff, out of water, and light headed.

He requested a helicopter because he didn't think he would hike out.

The Golder Ranch Fire Department, Northwest Fire Department, Department of Safety helicopter, and the Southern Arizona Rescue Association assisted in the rescue.

The hikers were located in Romero Canyon, they were given fluids and began hiking out with rescue personnel.

While on the trail, the man had heat related complications and had to be assisted out.

When they reached the parking lot they were re-evaluated. The female was taken home by family members and the male was transported to a local hospital for treatment.


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