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Jul 30, 2012 1:07 AM

11 year old girl nearly drowns, friend credited with rescue

TUCSON - An 11 year old Tucson girl is hospitalized after nearly drowning.

Doctors credit her friend's quick thinking for saving her life.

It happened in the victim's backyard swimming pool near Catalina Highway and Harrison Saturday night.

Kids and adults were splashing around when Sarah went under. For privacy reason we won't use Sarah's last name.

She was taken to TMC in critical condition.

It is Pima County's 8th child, near drowning of the year.

As of Sunday night, Sarah was listed in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery.

Doctors are giving the credit to another 11 year old, Sarah's best friend.

A photo taken in Sarah's hospital bed shows their sister-like smiles.

Their bond, now deeper than ever after Saturday's close call.

"Her lips were very blue, her eyes were open, but it was a blank stare," said Sass Tucker who found her friend at the bottom of the pool.

"We were spinning in tubes and she had gotten down in the water and was too dizzy and started doing summersaults," describes Sass, "I dover under water and grabbed her."

Sass's mother, a nurse, who was inside the home rushed out to help.

"At that point, I established her airway. I noticed she was having a hard time breathing, extremely blue and pale and lifeless," Lori Tucker said.

Incredibly, 24 hours later doctor's say Sarah is doing fine. The take away lesson?

"Water safety and basic first aide administration," said Tucker.

As Sarah recovers, Sass is hoping for two things, "That she can get better soon and won't be traumatized of the water."

"We thank Jesus for Sarah's well being, we're just really grateful to Jesus for that," said Tucker.

Once the water in Sarah's lungs is gone doctors say she'll be allowed to go home.


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