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Help. It is something we all need. Young, not so young, elderly. The only thing that matters is that the help you get keeps you well and keeps you living at home. Patient Care Advocates makes the difference. Whether short or long term, whether for you or someone you love, we bring help where and when you need it.

Patient Care Advocates was founded in April 2006 by Alice Milton because of the difficulties she and her parents faced as they aged and their health declined. The resultant years of experience in caring for them led to an ardent desire to work to insure that all patients, not just her parents, were cared for in a caring, competent, and respectful manner. Consequently, she was driven to start Patient Care Advocates, first for the purpose of providing Hospital Advocacy services and Caregiver Services. It was only natural that VA Home Health and Medicare/Insurance Certified Home Health Services were subsequently added in an effort to further meet patient needs.

Mission Statement

To care for all of our clients in a manner that promotes and enhances their independence, quality of life, dignity and individuality. When we successfully accomplish our Mission, we promote the dignity of all people.

Vision Statement

Having the courage and integrity to always do only that which is right, both at work and in our personal lives.

1. Hospital Advocacy

Our nurses conduct a thorough assessment with all new patients so that a detailed medical and social history along with medication review and reconciliation (OTC, Herbs, Supplements, and Rx) can be conducted. Advance Directives are also discussed and reviewed at the initial assessment. When a patient activates hospital services, our advocacy trained nurses meet the patient at the hospital immediately, but never later than 75 minutes of receiving notice of activation. Once at the hospital our nurse is able to talk with hospital staff and provide them with all relevant information gained at the initial assessment and subsequent updates, as well as begin the process of doing whatever else is necessary to help the hospital insure that our patient gets great care. In part, that means everything from getting our patient timely triaged; placed in a proper bed rather than the “fire department stretcher bed”; monitoring and coordinating the client’s care as doctors and nurses come and go; helping maintain the client’s mobility; reducing the risks of bed sores; making sure tests are run per doctors orders and that the results are received, documented, and relayed to all relevant clinicians caring for the patient; and much more. Patients choose whether to activate, how long the nurse should nurse remain with them, and whether to have an advocacy trained caregiver stay with them.

2. Caregiving

From loving companions and sitters to clinically trained Certified Nursing Assistants and Certified Caregivers, we provide for all of our clients’ caregiving needs whether it is by assisting them with everything from ADL's, bathing, dressing, cooking, housekeeping, exercises, outings, and more, to taking care of them when they are ill, whenever and wherever services are needed. Services can be for as little as 2 hours or as long as 24 hours; we are there 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year. Initial Registered Nurse assessments and individualized Care Plans and updates are provided without charge to our clients.

3. VA Home Health Services

We make sure that our Veterans do not go without needed services and have contracted with the VA to provide home health for them. We currently have Veterans for whom we provide care ranging from medication management to wound care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, R.N., Speech Therapy, MSW, Caregiver, and Respite services.

4. Home Health Skilled Care

Our goal is to insure excellent continuity of care after a hospital, Skilled Nursing Facility, or other discharge. We are accredited by the State of Arizona and Medicare as a Medicare Certified Home Health Agency, and we provide care running the gamut of nursing services from medication management to wound care, as well as physical therapy, occupational therapy, R.N., Speech Therapy, MSW, and Caregiver services.

Alice Milton has been a practicing Tucson attorney for the last 30 years, and is the Founder and CEO of Patient Care Advocates.  As with so many ideas and businesses, Patient Care Advocates was born out of the fear and frustration that became her constant companions as her parents aged and began the decent into complex medical care.  She too quickly learned that if her parents were going to be safe and get the best possible results that she could not leave them alone in the hospital and that she could not leave management of their care to the professionals.  Those working in the system were simply too overwhelmed and needed help. 
Alone, single and working full-time she found, however, that after several years she was exhausted from being everything to her parents, that is, from case manager, caregiver, and daughter, to constantly working to acquire the knowledge to deal effectively with doctors, nurses, and therapists.  She wondered how she would be able to keep her job and get through the years ahead.  She also knew that the experience she had garnered was something that others needed and thus Patient Care Advocates was begun.  
Alice is well aware of the healthcare pitfalls and the strength it takes to navigate the system.  She is sensitive and dedicated to quality of care, patient rights, and personal dignity in all circumstances, and works tirelessly to insure Patient Care Advocates renders outstanding care at all times all while keeping these important principles in mind.


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